A Social Story FOuRth you!

Holidays, parties, and celebrations can be difficult for kiddos with autism and other special needs. Routine changes, loud noises, and crowds, OH MY! Now, I don’t know it all, but something I do know is that planning ahead can be a life savor. For me, I like to utilize social stories to help my clients be as prepared as possible.

“Social stories are often written to help an individual adjust to changes (i.e., in routines), to provide insight about what others are thinking or feeling, or to teach specific social skills as alternatives to problem behaviors.”

Kuoch, H., & Mirenda, P. (2003). Social story interventions for young children with autism spectrum disorders. Focus on Autism and other developmental disabilities18(4), 219-227.

Social stories can be this and SO MUCH MORE!

Things to know about creating a social story:

  1. Utilize a ratio of 2-5 descriptive/perspective sentences for every 0-1 directive/control sentences
    • Descriptive- provides information
    • Perspective- talks about feelings, moods, thoughts
    • Directive- tells/explains what to do
    • Control- tells/explains strategies
  2. Use pictures to help enhance the information you are trying to relay
  3. Provide a review at the end for extra practice
  4. Don’t overthink it & have fun

Since Fourth of July celebrations are coming up this week/weekend, here is an example of one that I recently created!

For the final product, I filled in my client’s name and printed it out. Then, I laminated it and put it all together with a hole punch and loose leaf rings.

Let me know what you think and please feel free to reach out for a copy or an individualized version. I am happy to share!

As always, thanks for reading! ~E~

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